CBIC Issue Notification No. DO No. 65/CH(IC)/2022 Dated: 28th February, 2023

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Vivek Johri


DO No. 65/CH(IC)/2022 Dated: 28th February, 2023

The above verse is one of the many ontological precepts of the Taittireeya Upanishad and is believed to have been conveyed by Vedic teachers to students upon the completion of their studies. The verse exhorts pupils to speak the truth; abide by dharma and to be true to one’s duties.

The verse holds an important message for us all. As public servants, integrity and devotion to our duties is not merely a quality, it should be so deeply ingrained that it becomes a way of life for us.

As public servants, not only should we hold ourselves to the highest moral standards but it is our responsibility to inculcate and enforce a culture of probity and transparency in our respective teams. The onus for the latter of course would lie on those in leadership positions. Also a one­time effort would not be sufficient. The message, whether oral or by way of action, has to be repeatedly stressed.

This would require unwavering commitment and dedication. Allowing challenges to frustrate your efforts is not an option.

Moving on, ensuring that seized contraband does not find its way to the public has been a priority area for us. Keeping this in mind, last week, Customs (Preventive) Commissionerate, Tiruchirapalli carried out the destruction of about 300 kgs. of Ganja and a large quantity of smuggled Cigarettes.

On the anti-smuggling front, in a major breakthrough, officers of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), in a well coordinated, pan India operation apprehended a syndicate of foreign nationals involved in the smuggling of large quantities of Gold through the India-Nepal border.

Co-ordinated operations in Patna, Pune and Mumbai led to the seizure of more than 101 kg of smuggled gold valued in excess of Rs. 51 Crore. My heartiest congratulations to the officers for yet another excellent yet unique case resting so firmly on an immaculately planned and executed action.

While spring is the season for buds and blossoms it is also the season for exams for wards of the CBIC family. To all those taking exams this season, my advise would be to take a deep breath, stay focused, and believe in their abilities. My best wishes to them for the ensuing exams. Keep striving for excellence and never give up.

Till next week!

Yours Sincerely,

(Vivek Johri)

All Officers and Staff of Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs