Deadline for Aadhaar linking of UAN extended till 31.12.2021

Deadline for Aadhaar linking of UAN extended till 31.12.2021 for Establishments in NORTH EAST and certain class of establishments. Please check the circular below:


No. BKG-27/5/2021-BKG/

Date: 11.09.2021


The Addl. CPFCs of the Zones, RPFCs in charge of Regional Offices Officer in charge of the District Offices

Subject: Aadhaar seeding of Universal Account Number (UAN) of EPF members for receipt of contributions through Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR)  to tacilitate withdrawals / benefits.

Reference: 1. EPFO Head Office Circular no. BKG-27/7/2020-G/Pt.V/ on 01.06.2021

2. EPFO Head Office Circular No. WSU/15(1)2019/ATR/529 dated 15.06.2021


Please refer to SO 1730 (E) dated 30.04.2021 vide which the 3′” day of May, 2021 was appointed as the dale on which the provisions of Section 142 of the Code on Social Security shall come into force. The said Section 142 mandates that the identity of an employee for the purpose of registration as a member or beneficiary for wi(hdrawaI of fund or for receiving any benefit under any Scheme must be established through Aadhaar number.

You are aware that the employees joining  EPFO registered establishments on or after 1“ Qctober 2017 have Aadhaar seeded UANs as per Notification S.O. 26 (E) dated 04.01.2017 issued under Section 7 of The Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016. Further, online e-KYC service for Aadhaar seeding of UANs allotted prior to 01.10.2017 is available to both employers and employees on EPFO’s Portal & through UMANG APP & any withdrawals from member’s a/c is allowed only if UAN is Aadhaar seeded. Therefore, after allowing sufficient time of almost four years for Aadhaar seeding, EPFO issued instructions dated 01.06.2021 cited 1 above mandating that UANs is to be Aadhaar seeded for receipt of contributions through ECR.

The representations for extension of time beyond 01.09.2021 have been considered  and it is noted that overall about 94% of contributory EPF members’ UAN have Aadhaar seeding but there is less percentage of Aadhaar seeding in UANs of contributory members in EPFO’s administrative Zone of North Eastern Region and in certain class of establishments / industries such as Beedi making, Building & Construction and Plantation. Since Aadhaar seeding is mandatory for any withdrawals, receipt of contributions in Aadhaar seeded UANS helps members to file online claims to avail withdrawals & file e-nominations without employer’s intervention & avoids delay in withdrawals due to non-seeding of Aadhaar in UAN.

Now therefore, considering the foregoing, it is hereby decided as under:

(a) Considering the low Aadhaar penetration in the EPFO’s administrative Zone of North East Region comprising of States of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Me9halaya,Mizoram, Nagaland & Tripura, time for mandatory seeding of Aadhaar in UAN for filing ECR is extended till 31.12.2021

(b) Considering the concentration of establishments in remote localities & in areas affected by insurgency, frequent change in work sites of the workers and other attendant constraints in the Classes of establishments- Beedi making, Building and Construction and Plantation industries (Tea, Coffee, Cardamom, Pepper, Jute, Rubber. Cinchona, Cashewnuts etc.) time for mandatory seeding of Aadhaar in UAN for filing ECR is extended till 31.12.2021.

(c) For areas and industries / class of establishments other than above, delay in filing of ECRs for wage months of August, 2021 & September, 2021 only in respect of EPF members due to non-seeding of Aadhaar in the UANs should not be presumed as employer’s default for levy of penal damages u/s 14B of the EPF & MP Act, 1952.

It is further directed that the Zonal Offices shall ensure that Regional Offices & District Offices facilitate and coordinate with UIDAI to organize camps for Aadhaar enrollment and corrections in Aadhaar data of EPF members to facilitate Aadhaar seeding in UANs and monitor the progress on weekly basis.

(This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority)

Yours faithfully,

Addl. CPFC (F&A)