GST Alert: July 2017 data removed from GST Portal

GST Alert: July 2017 data removed from GST Portal:
  1. GST Portal is notified vide Section 146 of the CGST Act’ 2017 which facilitates all the compliance support under GST.
  2. Now today on 1st August 2020 Return Data for July 2017 has been removed from GSTN portal not available for viewing
  3. No where in law it is mentioned that GSTN would preserve data for 3 Years only but while viewing the Electronic Liability Register the Portal is showing “Maximum period for viewing ledger is 3 years.”
  4. Now its high time to start taking data backup for earlier period as it would be quiet helpful during the assessment stage.
  5. This action might be taken for lack of storage space but no intimation was given prior.