GSTIN can be updated on SSP portal till 23rd April, 2024

Members & Students Services (Grievances Handling and e-Sahaayataa) Directorate

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India 16th April, 2023


Extension of last date for updation of Member’s Profile with GSTIN at Self Service Portal — Till 23rd April, 2023

This is in continuation of our Announcement dated 1st April, 2023 regarding updation of Member’s Profile at Self Service Portal with GSTIN of CA Firm/LLP, in which such member is a Proprietor/Individual, Partner or a Paid Assistant, to enable the system to capture the said information in the tax invoice. Based on the requests received from Members, the last date to update the profile has been extended till 23rd April 2023.

Members may update their profile latest by 23rd April, 2023. It may be noted that only one name of the CA firm/LLP and its GSTIN can be included in the tax invoice.

Any updation made after the last date will not be considered in the tax invoice for the financial year 2023-24.

(Rajesh Kr. Bhalla)

Additional Secretary