Rectification in Register of Charges by Central Government -Section 87 of the Companies Act, 2013

Section 87 of the Companies Act, 2013- Rectification by Central Government in Register of Charges

The Central Government on being satisfied that—

(a) the omission to give intimation to the Registrar of the payment    or satisfaction of a charge,  within the time required under this Chapter; or

(b) the omission or misstatement of any particulars,in any filing previously made to the Registrar with respect to any such charge or modification thereof or with respect to any memorandum of satisfaction or other entry made in pursuance of section 82 or section 83,

was accidental or due to inadvertence or some other sufficient cause or it is not of a nature to prejudice the position of creditors or shareholders of the company, it may, on the application of the company or any person interested and on such terms and conditions as it deems just and expedient, direct that the time for the giving of intimation of payment or satisfaction shall be extended or, as the case may require, that the omission or misstatement shall be rectified.