Section 245G of the Income Tax Act


Section 245G of the Income Tax Act: Inspection, etc., of reports

No person shall be entitled to inspect, or obtain copies of, any reports made by any income-tax authority to the Settlement Commission; but the Settlement Commission may, in its discretion, furnish copies thereof to any such person on an application made to it in this behalf and on payment of the prescribed fee :

Provided that, for the purpose of enabling any person whose case is under consideration to rebut any evidence brought on record against him in any such report, the Settlement Commission shall, on an application made in this behalf, and on payment of the prescribed fee by such person, furnish him with a certified copy of any such report or part thereof relevant for the purpose:

Provided further that on or after the 1st day of February, 2021, functions of the Settlement Commission under this section shall be performed by the Interim Board and the provisions of this section shall mutatis mutandis apply to Interim Board as they apply to the Settlement Commission.

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