Section 245M of the Income Tax Act


Section 245M of the Income Tax Act: Option to withdraw pending application

(1) With respect to a pending application, the assessee who had filed such application may, at his option, withdraw such application within a period of three months from the date of commencement of the Finance Act, 2021 and intimate the Assessing Officer, in the prescribed manner, about such withdrawal.

(2) Where the option under sub-section (1) is not exercised by the assessee within the time allowed under that sub-section, the pending application shall be deemed to have been received by the Interim Board on the date on which such application is allotted or transferred to the Interim Board under sub-section (3).

(3) The Board may, by an order, allot any pending application to any Interim Board and may also transfer, by an order, any pending application from one Interim Board to another Interim Board.

(4) Where the pending application is allotted to an Interim Board under sub-section (3) or transferred to another Interim Board subsequently, all the records, documents or evidences, by whatever name called, with the Settlement Commission shall be transferred to such Interim Board and shall be deemed to be the records before it for all purposes.

(5) Where the assessee exercises the option under sub-section (1) to withdraw his application, the proceedings with respect to the application shall abate on the date on which such application is withdrawn and the Assessing Officer, or, as the case may be, any other income-tax authority before whom the proceeding at the time of making the application was pending, shall dispose of the case in accordance with the provisions of this Act as if no application under section 245C had been made:

Provided that for the purposes of the time-limit under sections 149153153B154 and 155 and for the purposes of payment of interest under section 243 or 244 or, as the case may be, section 244A, for making the assessment or reassessment under this sub-section, the period commencing on and from the date of the application to the Settlement Commission under section 245C and ending with the date referred to in this sub-section shall be excluded:

Provided further that the income-tax authority shall not be entitled to use the material and other information produced by the assessee before the Settlement Commission or the results of the inquiry held or evidence recorded by the Settlement Commission in the course of proceedings before it:

Provided also that nothing contained in the first proviso shall apply in relation to the material and other information collected, or results of the inquiry held or evidence recorded by the Assessing Officer, or as the case may be, other income-tax authority during the course of any other proceeding under this Act irrespective of whether such material or other information or results of the inquiry or evidence were also produced by the assessee or the Assessing Officer before the Settlement Commission.]

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