Steps for New Incorporation of a LLP using FiLLiP

Steps for New Incorporation of a LLP using FiLLiP (Form for Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership) on V3 portal of MCA ( LLP Name is already reserved)

1. Login on

2. Take your cursor to MCA services

3. Take your cursor to LLP e-filing

4. Opt FiLLiP Incorporation of LLP

5. If the name has been already approved, select yes and enter the SRN of RUN LLP (It is better if you get the name reserved beforehand) Normal fee for RUN LLP shall be Rs. 200

6. Select the type of new incorporation and click on save and continue and then select next

7. Then write the Address of registered office of LLP along with longitude and latitude. You may determine the longitude and latitude by putting the address on google map, and then right click the small rep drop/balloon.

8. Then write down the contact details and choose the relevant attachments.

9. Details of business shall be prefilled on the basis on RUN LLP

10. Opt the total number of designated partners and partners in the LLP.

Difference between designated partner and partner:

Minimum 2 designated partners should be there, whereas there is no minimum requirement of partners

Designated Partners are the ones whose name gets reflected on the MCA website

11. Fill up the basic details of the designated partners including the contribution and its form.

12. The cells that are not required to be filled up in the entire form shall remain freezed.

Important Points:

  • Number of designated partners (including nominee of Body corporate as DP) for whom the details are being entered is at least two and at least one of them is a resident of India.
  • Maximum five designated partners are allowed to apply for DIN/DPIN using this integrated form.
  • Ensure that the DSC attached in the webform is registered on MCA portal against the DIN/DPIN/ PAN/ Membership number as provided in the form.
  • Note that the signing authority of the webform shall have valid and non-expired/non-revoked DSC.
  • Ensure that SRN of RUN-LLP provided in the webform is valid and approved against which no other FiLLiP form shall be pending or approved, and the name reserved against the entered SRN should not have been expired/withdrawn
  • If the designated partner does not have DPIN or have applied for DPIN via FiLLiP, they can file Form 9 as attachment. If designated partner have DPIN, the user will have an option to file Form 9 via linked filing to form FiLLiP.
  • Please note that in case SRN of RUN-LLP is provided in the form then user ID who has applied for Name Reservation through RUN-LLP shall be the same user ID which is used to file Form FiLLiP.
  • You may find your saved form in my applications tab when you login.
  • Digital signatures of one practicing professional and one designated partner shall be required in FiLLiP but in form 9 (linked form), DSC of each designated partner shall be required.
  • It is recommended to arrange and register the required DSCs before-hand.